Matthew (1839-02-26)


Matthew to the 2nd Marquess of Breadalbane, 26 February 1839
(GD112/74/42/26, Page 1, pdf image)
(GD112/74/42/26, Page 2, pdf image)

Matthew sends Breadalbane a copy of his book Emigration Fields. Matthew suggests that if the idea of colonization and emigration were “properly developed”, then both the working classes and the middle class & aristocracy would have their energies usefully engaged, and the “excitement which at present threatens convulsion would be calmed down”. See Newspaper Articles > Chartism for more details of the “excitement” that Matthew refers to. The letter is held at the National Records of Scotland, under reference GD112/74/42/26.


No. 15 Black Friars Road London
February 26, 1839

My Lord

I forward a small work on colonization, the principles of which, I am confident, will meet your approval.

Colonization is now to come in place of war. It is in colonization that the active and enterprising spirits of our country who are longing for occupation and employment, are to find what to wreak their pent up energies upon. A properly organised and extensive scheme of colonization, planned on a scale such as the means of the mercantile and monied classes could realise, would effect a relief of the working classes and also of the middle class & aristocracy (relatively just as ill off) and if the idea were once properly developed much of the excitement which at present threatens convulsion would be calmed down, and the legislature would find it safe to go on with the organic improvements which the general diffusion of political knowledge demands.

I remain, my Lord
Your mo[st] ob[edien]t servant
Pat. Matthew

[To] The Marquis of Breadalbane

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