Kinnaird (1864-02-06)


9th Lord Kinnaird to Patrick Matthew, 6 February 1864
(MS100/2/bundle525/3, pdf image)

Kinnaird responds kindly to Matthew’s previous letter regarding his tenant Mr Gardiner, and credits Matthew with much wisdom (“I suspect he [Gardiner] has not such a good advisor”). Kinnaird’s oblique reference to “drawing” may reflect Victorian sensibilities about not referring to words as vulgar as “manure”.



Rossie Priory Feb 6/64

My Dear Sir,
Many thanks for your suggestion about Gardiner – I had already done some time since what do you recommend – called myself on him with Lady Kinnaird and made different proposals one of which was the allowance for drawing as you suggest – as it is what the farm requires. I have shown him great indulgence – more than you can be aware of – but cannot get him to define terms – the fact is he deceived himself and one about his capital – which is not sufficient for such a farm. I am still trying to settle with him but must ask you not to mention to him that I have written to you – though I suspect he has not so good an advisor.

Yrs faithfully
Signed Kinnaird
Please destroy this letter.

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