Matthew (1839-08-21)


Matthew to Provost Grieg M.P. of Perth, 21 August 1839
(PE15 bundle105, pdf image)

In a typewritten letter, Matthew requests that the Civic Authorities of Perth publicly endorse his Scots New Zealand Land Company, which proposes to send local Scotsmen as colonists to New Zealand. The Town Council declines to do so, as shown in a later newspaper article – see Other Works > Emigration Fields (1839) > Presentations and Other Works > Prospectus (1839) > Presentations.


Gourdie-Hill, by Errol, 21st August 1839.


I beg leave to transmit to you a copy of a small work developing the Philosophy of Colonization, along with a few copies of a Prospectus of the Scots New Zealand Land Company. Your authority to state that you patronize this Company, in case you should think it deserving of encouragement, will much oblige,

Your very obedient servant,

To the Right Honourable the Lord Provost and Civic Authorities Perth.

P.S. The intending shareholders solicit and anxiously expect an early reply. P.M.

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