Matthew (1862-02-13)


Matthew to the 9th Lord Kinnaird, 13 February 1862
(MS100/2/bundle537/2, pdf image)

After a brief update on an upcoming produce show, Matthew raises the issue of renovating and extending the local School House, an idea that would be taken up by Kinnaird in 1863.


Gourdiehill, Feb. 13/62

My Lord,

The meeting on Tuesday last at Errol regarding a produce show of flowers, fruits & grain did not go as I wished, & is only to extend to Errol Parish. I wished it to extend over Gowrie – Case & Brae, & for all the principal Landholders to form a general Committee, while it was worked by 3, 5, or 7 active men,– a working Committee. As it is I hope your Lordship will patronize it, & if it be found prosperous it can be extended over all the district of Gowrie.

In looking at the School house & School I think we will soon be obliged to build a new one. The place immediately east of the entrance road to the Church, over which the Poor Law Board have a disposition extending to the lifetime of a daughter of the late owner (who otherwise is a pauper) & at present tenanted by the Beadle – would form a very good site for a school & the present school house could remain as a residence to the invalided school-master, which I rather think Mr. Will will soon become. It is probable that of the ow[n]er of this land suited for a school site would part with it at present for a small sum, seeing that there is a liferent upon it. He is a working man I believe residing in Dundee. To give enough space would require another small stance eastwood held by a party who I think would wish to sell it & give it at a moderate price, as the house is alone. Please think over this affair and do not divulge that we have any intention of purchasing for a schoolhouse. I mentioned the above to Mr. Drummond, but at that time I believed the garden & house held by the Beadle was out & out disposed of to the Poor Law Board.
I hope your Lordship will attend to the Health & life of the British working men when the Bill comes before Parliament.

I am,
My Lord,
Your ob[edien]t servant
P. Matthew

[To] Lord Kinnaird

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