Matthew (1863-08?b)


Matthew to the 9th Lord Kinnaird, August(?) 1863
(MS100/2/bundle714/1, pdf image)

Matthew relays a proposal for the sale of land to the east of the School House, and discusses the negative impact this would have on the plans. The letter is not dated, but it is assumed to shortly precede Matthew’s letter of 31 August 1863, as both letters refer to a “Saturday meeting”.


Gourdiehill, Wednesday morn.

My Lord,

Before meeting on Saturday I think it necessary to state the following occurrence for consideration.

Being in Mr. Kinmont’s office on Monday Mr. G. Bruce came in with a written offer unsigned of the ground at the east end of the parish school. I found the offer £5 paid at Martinmass first & 1/ of yearly few[?], equal at present value to 23/. Also a proviso of an open space betwixt the proposed north wall of the school & his Hall of 3 feet in breadth. As this was an increased demand to £6.3 in place of his former offer of £5 & at the same time rendering it necessary to have a slight bend of the north wall of the school, I said it was useless to sign the offer till we considered of it. This Mr. Bruce took rather hotly, & upon me asking him to accompany me to the place look at it refused to go. The under sketch will give you a right idea of the ground.

[Plan of the school and the ground between it and the nearby Hall. Points A, B, C and D are marked.]

To have the north wall bent so as to be 3 feet distant from the Hall wall at C, & have the school straight inside would only admit a thickness of wall at D of 7 inches, which is insufficient, while a curve or break in the school would be unseemly.

Yours truly
P. Matthew

[To ]The Right Hon. Lord Kinnaird

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