Matthew (late-1864)


Matthew to the 9th Lord Kinnaird, late 1864
(MS100/2/bundle719/2, pdf image)

Matthew writes to Kinnaird once again about the affair at the local Megginch Club (referred to in his previous letter). A striking aspect of this letter is Matthew’s clear assertion that Lord Kinnaird is in the wrong. It appears that Mrs Blair offered spirits to a cricket team, and Lord Kinnaird objected on the grounds that spirits are bad.

The letter is undated, but it was presumably sent shortly after Matthew’s previous letter.


Gourdiehill Friday morn.

My Lord,

The recent cricket quarrel is a great pity. I was up at Inchmartin yesterday about some free plants & found Mrs. Blair in consequence very unwell (distressed & feverish). Your error regarding the treating of the cricketers has arisen from misrepresentation & a desire to remedy a monstrous evil has led your Lordship into a false position. I think you should write kindly to Mrs. Blair stating your sorrow at your error & ask permission to wait upon her that you may personally express your regret,– taking this opportunity of drawing closer friendly relations betwixt yourself & her & her son. When a mistake causes quarrel between neighbours, it is right to convert quarrel into friendship – to extract good out of evil. There is no middle way. Yours truly,

P. Matthew

[To] The Right Hon. Lord Kinnaird

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