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New photos of Matthew


(2015-03-27). Before now, there has only been one publicly available picture of Patrick Matthew – the one that appears on the home page of this website, and which originally appeared in the reviews of Matthew’s work by May (1912) and Calman (1912).  New photos have now come to light of a younger Patrick Matthew, his family and his old mansion house at Gourdie Hill (now demolished). These have now been made freely and publicly available for the first time on this website and on Mike Sutton’s website at www.patrickmatthew.com.

These photos were heirlooms passed down to Matthew’s descendants, and they were incorporated into an unpublished two-volume work on the Matthew family history (The Matthew Saga, 2004) written in German by one of those descendants: the late Wulf G. Gerdts.   Another one of Matthew’s descendants, Major Howard Minnick (Retired), sent a copy of this document to Dr Mike Sutton following the publication of Dr Sutton’s 2014 e-book Nullius in Verba – Darwin’s Greatest Secret.  Dr Sutton then obtained permission from Wulf Gerdts’ wife, Margot, for the pictures to be made publicly available.




Patrick Matthew with his wife Christian (née Nicol)



Patrick Matthew (detail from the previous photo)



Patrick Matthew with his wife (Christian) and three daughters (Euphemia, Agnes and Helen Amelia).   According to Wulf Gerdts (Die Matthew-Saga, vol.1 p.6), Agnes was the one playing the guitar.



The Georgian mansion house at Gourdie Hill in 1860



A copy of the photo of Patrick Matthew reproduced in May, W (1912) “Darwin und Patrick Matthew”, Zoologische Annalen vol 4, pp.280-95.  This version has been cropped from the image available from the Internet Archive.  The original source of the volume is the Marine Biological Laboratory and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Library. The digitising sponsor for the original image is the Boston Library Consortium.

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