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@Wallace (18 May 1860)


Darwin to Alfred Russel Wallace, 18 May 1860. Letter 2807: Darwin Correspondence Project
In a letter dealing with a number of issues, Darwin again ends by noting “a curious thing” about a “Mr Pat. Matthew”:

Here is a curious thing, a Mr. Pat. Matthew, a Scotchman, published in 1830 a work on Naval Timber & Arboriculture, & in appendix to this, he gives most clearly but very briefly in half-dozen paragraphs our view of natural selection. It is most complete case of anticipitation. He published extracts in G. Chronicle: I got Book, & have since published letter, acknowledging that I am fairly forestalled.– Yesterday I heard from Lyell that a German Dr Schaffhausen has sent him a pamphet published some years ago, in which same View is nearly anticipated but I have not yet seen this pamphet.– My Brother, who is very sagacious man, always said you will find that some one will have been before you.–

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