Emigration Fields was advertised widely. Adverts appeared in many British newspapers, partly because it was aimed at a wider market than On Naval Timber (i.e. for anyone contemplating emigration), and partly because its publication coincided with Matthew’s involvement in the Chartist movement, which would have increased its visibility to some extent.

“Preparing for Publication”. Caledonian Mercury, 20 October 1838, p.1 col.5 (pdf image)
A pre-publication advert for Emigration Fields.

Preparing for Publication,
In a cheap and portable volume, with Maps,
EMIGRATION FIELDS; or a Description Of NORTH AMERICA, THE CAPE, AUSTRALIA, and NEW ZEALAND, containing a Comparative View of the Practical Advantages presented by these different Fields to British Emigrants.
Booksellers to her Majesty for Scotland.

“Emigration Fields”. Fife Herald, 3 January 1839, p.3 col.6 (pdf image)
An advert for Emigration Fields. The wording is very similar to that of the pre-publication advert given in October 1838. Perhaps the most notable difference is the insertion of “Author of ‘Naval Timber and Arboriculture.’” after Matthew’s name.

In post 8vo, price 3s. 6d. neatly bound in cloth, with two folio Maps, engraved by Sydney Hall,
EMIGRATION FIELDS: North America, the Cape, Australia, and New Zealand, describing these Countries, and giving a comparative view of the advantages they present to British Settlers.
Author of “Naval Timber and Arboriculture.”
Adam & Charles Black, Edinburgh

Similar adverts to the above can be found in:
“Emigration Fields”. Aris’s Birmingham Gazette, 4 March 1839, p.3
“Emigration Fields”. London Standard, 4 March 1839, p.1
“Emigration Fields”. York Herald, 9 March 1839, p.2
“Emigration Fields”. Leeds Mercury, 9 March 1839, p.2

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