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Two Addresses (1839)


Matthew wrote two “Addresses to the Men of Perthshire and Fifeshire” after being elected the Delegate to the Chartist National Convention for both Perthshire (on 19th Oct 1838) and Fifeshire (on 22nd Dec 1838). For more information on the Chartist movement and Matthew’s role in it, see PMP > Newspaper Articles > Chartism.

These two addresses confirm Matthew as a man of deep moral conviction who was capable of great oratory. They were published in The True Scotsman, a Chartist newspaper, and also (for the second address) in the pro-Chartist Fife Herald (see PMP > Newpaper Articles > Chartism for links to the Fife Herald articles). They were then published as a separate pamphlet in 1839 by Adam and Charles Black (who also published On Naval Timber and Emigration Fields). The pamphlet was titled: Two Addresses to the Men of Perthshire and Fifeshire, Containing Propositions of a Plan of National Education, and Other Social Improvements and Reforms. Note that the pamphlet carries the addresses in reverse chronological order (whereas I’ve listed them here in chronological order).

Matthew’s 1st Address

Matthew’s 2nd Address

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