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Matthew (1839-04-12)


“Letter of Resignation to William Lovett (Extract)”. 12 April 1839

(Letter written April 12 1839)
In this extract from Matthew’s letter to William Lovett, in which he formally resigns as Delegate for Perthshire and Fifeshire to the Chartist National Convention, Matthew sets out his reasons for resigning. The extract is reproduced from Alexander Wilson (1970) “The Chartist Movement in Scotland” (Manchester University Press).

If you think it fitting to give reason, state in these words, that it is on account of the intemperate language and ultra character of the major party of the Convention, who have been carrying the minor or more moderate party along with them, and from a conviction that their mode of proceeding is preventing the more intelligent of the Liberal party from joining the Chartist cause and is calculated rather to bring about scenes of destruction and misery, and the discomfiture of the Chartists than the attainment of the rights, and the amelioration of the condition of the people.

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