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Matthew (1854-02-24)


“Two Guineas Reward”. Dundee, Perth, and Cupar Advertiser, 24 February 1854, p.2 col.6 (pdf image)

This short notice illustrates that Matthew cared enough about the principle of emigration to counter false rumours of “disaster and loss of life of emigrants” that were apparently circulating in the local area at the time. It seems likely that Matthew had encouraged many, including his erstwhile foreman, William Dunbar, to emigrate to Australia and elsewhere.

Whereas certain false and malicious Reports have been fabricated and circulated of disaster and loss of life of Emigrants, gone from this country to Australia and California, particularly that William Dunbar, late foreman in Gourdiehill, had been shot near Melbourne, causing great anxiety and grief to his mother and family, till a letter of his welfare was received,— the above REWARD is hereby offered to such information as will bring the miscreant fabricators to punishment.
Apply to Patrick Matthew, Gourdiehill, Errol; or to the Fiscal.

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