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A number of articles written after Matthew’s death shed a fascinating light on the man’s character.

“Deaths”. Dundee Courier, Tuesday 9 June 1874, p.4 col.6 (pdf image)
Patrick Matthew died on the 8th June 1874. The Dundee Courier carried a simple notice of his death posted by his family, nothing more. The British Newspaper Archive does not contain any issues of the Dundee Advertiser for 1874, so whether it carried a more expansive obituary is unclear.

At Gourdie Hill, Errol, Perthshire, on the 8th inst., Patrick Matthew of Gourdie Hill, in the 84th year of his age. Friends please accept of this intimation.

Tyndall (1874-08-19) John Tyndall’s Presidential Address
In his inaugural address as President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Professor John Tyndall briefly acknowledges Matthew as one of Darwin’s scientific antecedents.

Editorial (1874-09-05): Untitled. Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Saturday 5 September 1874
This editorial is a warm and full-of-praise retrospective/obituary of Patrick Matthew, who had died 3 months earlier. The author of this retrospective is almost certainly the newspaper’s editor, William C. Leng.

Marshall (1877-04-07): Historic Scenes in Perthshire – Errol. Dundee Weekly News, Saturday 7 April 1877
A paragraph briefly describing Matthew and his works appears in Historic Scenes in Perthshire by William Marshall, Dr. of Divinity.

D. S. S. (1909): Untitled. Dundee Advertiser, 1909
This letter offers some delightful personal reminiscences of Patrick Matthew (who he refers to as “Old Gourdie”), from someone who “had the honour of intimate acquaintance with Mr. Matthew”.

D. S. S. (1916-05-12): Weekly Letter. Arbroath Herald, Friday 12 May 1916
Patrick Matthew is again fondly remembered by the same writer of the 1909 retrospective, here writing 7 years later.

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