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Marshall (1877-04-07)


Historic Scenes in Perthshire – Errol. Dundee Weekly News, Saturday 07 April 1877

Over several years, William Marshall, Dr. of Divinity, carried a weekly column in the Dundee Weekly News providing historical notes on parts of Forfarshire and Perthshire. The collected articles were published in book form as Historic Scenes in Forfarshire (1875) and Historic Scenes in Perthshire (1880) (pdf image).

The Saturday 7 April 1877 edition of the Dundee Weekly News carried a piece on Errol in the county of Perthshire, in which Marshall briefly describes the late Patrick Matthew. We know this because “The Late Patrick Matthew of Gourdiehill” is listed in several adverts in the Dundee Courier for the upcoming instalment – see, for example, Dundee Courier Wednesday 4 April 1877, p.1 col.3 (pdf image).

Unfortunately, the British Newspaper Archive does not contain copies of the Dundee Weekly News for the year 1877, but the description of Matthew can be found on p.117 of Historic Scenes in Perthshire (1880) (p.140 of the pdf copy):

We must not pass unnoticed the late Patrick Matthew of Gourdiehill. Notwithstanding his strong idiosyncracy, he was a person of much public spirit, and an able and hearty advocate of what he considered conducive to the public interests. To say nothing of his numerous pamphlets, and of his still more numerous letters to newspapers, his works entitled “Emigration Fields,” and “Naval Timber and Arboriculture,” attest his talents and acquirements. He claimed, moreover, to be the true father of Darwinism: having, as he alleged, anticipated Darwin in the discoveries, or theories, or whatever they may be called, with which Darwin’s name is identified and which have made it so famous.

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