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Following the review in the Dundee Advertiser (28 June 1864) of Matthew’s pamphlet, Schleswig-Holstein, Matthew and the editors exchanged further letters on the subject.

Matthew (1864-07-01): “The Danish Question”. Dundee Advertiser, 1 July 1864
Matthew quotes from his Pamphlet to lay out once again his case in favour of Germany and against Denmark. Matthew sees his position as being based on fact, not mere opinion: “the undeniable facts which I adduce as proof of the correctness of the epithets I employ” … “my statements are facts, not pleadings”.

Editorial (1864-07-01): Untitled. Dundee Advertiser, 1 July 1864
In this editorial response to Matthew’s letter, the editors accept that Denmark has not governed Schleswig-Holstein entirely honourably, but suggest that this is nothing compared to the level of mistreatment of the affairs of Ireland by Britain, or of certain other territories by Prussia and Austria.

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