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In order to put his ideas propounded in Emigration Fields into practice, Matthew set up the Scots New Zealand Land Company in the second half of 1839. He wrote a Prospectus for the company in August 1839, which set out its intentions and motivations. These were to buy up lands in New Zealand, to sell shares in this land to Scots willing to emigrate to a better life, and to arrange for their transport by boat to New Zealand. Rather than exploit the settlers, as certain other English companies with the same remit appeared to be doing, Matthew’s motivation was to offer the potential settlers as fair a deal as possible, as part of his grander vision of alleviating the situation of the British working class, and of spreading Britain’s civilizing influence throughout the world. Further details on the Scots New Zealand Land Company are provided here and in additional links from the Prospectus entry.

“Scots New Zealand Land Company”. Perthshire Advertiser, 21 November 1839, p.1 col.1 (pdf image)
A notice of a meeting to be held in Perth to discuss appointing Directors for the above company, and the arrangements for the first “Expedition” to sail “in the ensuing Spring”. Following this, there is a notice of a lecture on the advantages of emigrating to New Zealand to be given by D. Sime (who had also been on a lecture tour sponsored by Matthew in late 1838, promoting Chartism):

A MEETING of the SHAREHOLDERS of the SCOTS NEW ZEALAND LAND COMPANY, will be held within the Salutation Inn, Perth, on Friday the 29th of November current, at Twelve o’clock noon, for the purpose of choosing Directors to conduct the affairs of the Company, with a view to the sailing of the first Expedition in the ensuing Spring.
If any of the Shareholders find it inconvenient to be present, they may appoint persons (who must be Shareholders) to act for them.
Intending Shareholders, who wish to go out with the first Expedition, will require to apply for Shares between this and the day of meeting.
All communications (post-paid) to be addressed to PATRICK MATTHEW, Esq., Gourdiehill, by Errol. Perthshire; or Mr WILLIAM GORRIE, Interim Secretary, No. 7. Athole Place. Perth.
The Prospectus of the Company, containing also an Account of New Zealand, may be had (price 3d.) of the abovementioned individuals, or of the Booksellers.
Mr D. SIME will give a LECTURE on the Advantages of Emigrating to New Zealand, in the Guild Hall, on Monday first, the 25th current, Eight o’clock evening. Admittance, Id., to defray expenses. Perth, 19th Nov. 1839.

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