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Metropolitan Mag (1831)


Anonymous. “On Naval Timber and Arboriculture”. Metropolitan Magazine, Vol 2 (1831), No. 5 Sept, p.44
The review is short and positive, but with no mention of his ideas on evolution or natural selection.

The piece is reproduced in full below:

On Naval Timber and Arboriculture; with critical notes on Authors who have recently treated the subject of Planting. By PATRICK MATTHEW. 8vo. Longman and Co.

This is a sensible and clever practical work. The writer seems to understand his subject, and has called the attention of the public to our woods and forests, and to the great staple from which our navy is to be supplied with the means of existence. After treating of planks and timbers, Mr. M. notices British forest-trees suited for naval purposes, and then follows miscellaneous matter relating to naval timber. We find in Part IV. a judicious notice, or rather notices, of the authors, who treat of arboriculture, who have lately appeared before the public – on these there are very just comments. We had no notion that a heavy duty was laid on all timber for ship-building that comes from abroad. The removal of this duty, and that on hemp, would give our ship-owners a superiority over all foreign vessels in the carrying trade. The Americans alone could compete with us. Yet, living as we do by the ocean, and on the ocean, so impolitic is our taxation, that the materials for building our vessels are so taxed in timber and hemp alone as to make them cost 10L per register ton instead of six, for which they might be had. Let Lord Althorp think of this. Every timber-grower will read Mr. Matthew’s work to advantage. It is earnestly and rationally written.

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