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(Nov 2014) Using the text searching capabilities of online digitized repositories (e.g. Internet Archive, HathiTrust and Gooks Books) I have uncovered a large body of short articles written by Patrick Matthew. The majority of these are new to modern audiences. Matthew 1864l is cited in Dempster (1986); Matthew 1861f and 1861h are cited in Wainwright 2010, Matthew 1829, 1831, 1860a, 1860b, 1861c, and 1862e are cited in Sutton (2014) – all other articles are, as far as I am aware, not cited anywhere else and are new to this website.

The articles in this section were all published in agricultural journals, mostly in the Farmer’s Magazine and the Gardeners’ Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette, in the years following the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. I have focused my text searches on these two journals, and there may well be other short articles written by Matthew in other journals that remain to be uncovered (and there may even be additional articles by Matthew in these two journals, given the current level of imprecision in image-to-text conversion). In particular, I have been unable to track down any online archive, Open Access or otherwise, for the Mark Lane Express, but we know from Calman (1912) that Matthew published many articles there. Any readers with information on this, or if you know of any articles by Matthew not listed here, please contact me.

Matthew’s themes in these articles range from discussion of his evolutionary ideas, to simple advice on good agricultural practice, to polemic criticism of the “landlord-legislator elite” for their mismanagement of the fertility of Britain’s agricultural land. I have labelled articles according to the themes contained in them, as follows:

    Evol = Evolution and/or natural selection
    Race = Differences between human races, and their causes
    Des = References to design and purpose in the universe
    Sun = References to Matthew’s views on the vital power of sunlight
    Mould = The “vegetable mould” and it’s importance to agriculture
    Ag = General matters to do with agriculture
    Arb = General matters to do with arboriculture
    Econ = Opinions on economics, including the British system of land tenure
    Edit = Editorial opinion regarding Matthew

For a brief description of each article, see the Table of Contents.

For further comment and analysis, see “Recurrent Themes”.

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