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1860f Arb/Mould


Matthew, P. Forest clearances. Gardeners’ Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette (Dec 15 1860), pp.1105-6

(Letter printed Dec 15)
Another example of Matthew claiming prescience, this time quoting from Emigration Fields on the idea of planting large forests to be “most advantageously employed in modifying the climate of Australia”. He also suggests that cloud formation “is perhaps not beyond human power”. Finally, he suggests that forest clearances may be affecting the climate in Europe and elsewhere, and drying out the “vegetable soil”:
“I have at present little time to follow out the subject, to point out the effects of the clearances now going on in Germany, France, Russia, and North America, in rendering the climate drier, and impoverishing the soil, the opening up of the ground under aeration causing the evaporation of the vegetable soil (the mother, Mutter, German), which generally increases under forest cover, but I may have a future opportunity of doing so.”

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