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Matthew, P. Drainage. Ohio Cultivator Vol 18 (1862), p.292-3

(Article appears in October issue)
This is another article by Matthew on best practices for draining agricultural land. Among other things, he recommends that the upper end of drains should be left open. He also comments on the need to improve the condition of clay soils by “the continued application of large quantities of organic manures, aeration, exposure
to the winter frost, and summer drought, with lenient cropping, and particularly by well-laid-down pasturage”.

The article is also repeated, with a favourable editorial, in the April 1863 issue of the Working Farmer & United States Journal, indicating that these ideas had been picked up in the USA.

The original source of the article is the Mark Lane Express, but no date or issue number are given. Unfortunately, I have been unable to track down any online archive, Open Access or otherwise, for this important British agricultural journal, but we know from Calman (1912) that Matthew published many articles there. Any readers with information on this, please contact me.

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