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1863 Mould + Edit


Matthew, P. The exhaustion of vegetable mould. Farmer’s Magazine, Ser. 3 Vol 23 (1863, Jan-Jun), p.214-6

(Articles in March issue)
The original article “The exhaustion of vegetable mould” appeared in The Times (Tues 6 Jan 1863, p.7) and was signed “A Times Correspondent”. It received widespread attention, and is reproduced here in the March issue of the Farmer’s Magazine. The article is accompanied by an editorial casting doubt on the doomsday scenarios of both Matthew and Baron von Liebig, and also by a copy of a letter to The Times by Charles Lawrence in response to Matthew’s anonymous article. The latter is well argued, apart from one section where Lawrence appears to confuse Matthew’s use of the word “aration” (the growing of arable crops) with “aeration” (the airing of soil, e.g. via tilling).

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