1864h Mould


Matthew, P. The vegetable mould. Gardeners’ Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette (2 Apr 1864), p.325

(Article dated March 18)
This is Matthew’s reply to a previous letter by J. J. Melchi which defended von Liebig’s viewpoint (but agreed that exhaustion of soil was a big problem).

The previous letter is by Melchi, J. J. “Vegetable mould” Gardeners’ Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette (12 Mar 1864), p.254. Melchi was a well-known and widely-respected correspondent on agricultural matters. Melchi’s letter is also reproduced in the Irish Farmers’ Gazette Saturday 19 March 1864, the Kendal Mercury Saturday 19 March 1864 and the Wexford Independent Wednesday 23 March 1864.

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