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1866b Arb/Edit


Anonymous. Notices to Correspondents: Climate of Scotland. Gardeners’ Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette (3 Mar 1866), p.200

(Article printed in issue of Mar 3)
A brief editorial response to a letter from Matthew claiming that a previous editorial impugned his veracity:

CLIMATE OF SCOTLAND: In an article relating to this subject (see p. 100) occurs a passage which Mr. Matthew chooses to consider as an imputation on his veracity. This gentleman also inquires of us as to what mischievous imp of darkness has enticed us to throw disparagement upon Scotland?
Fortunately for us we are guiltless of any desire to defame either Mr. Matthew or his native country. Moreover, we have no wish to plunge into controversy, or to weary our readers with the publication of letters couched in anything but rose-water phraseology.

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