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Matthew, P. Remarkable Potato Plums. Dundee Courier (21 Aug 1868), p.3 col.2 (pdf image)

(Letter date and original publication date unknown)
A report of a letter from Matthew, describing the remarkably large potatoes grown by his son Alexander under the “Gulich system”. The report was originally printed in the Farmer. This was a prelude to a much longer letter by Matthew (1868d), which described the “Gulich system” in more detail.

Full text follows:

REMARKABLE POTATO PLUMS. —Mr Patrick Matthew, Gourdiehill, has sent us four specimens of potato plums raised by the Gulich system, at Schenefeld, Holstein, a number of which weighed about twenty-three to the pound when plucked. He says, “I never saw the produce of a potato plant in tubers so large as those by the Gulich system. My son says that the labour of culture is not much more than by the usual system. The bunches of boulders or plums were large on almost every stem. Would they not prove superior seed?” — The Farmer.

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