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1870c Ag/Edit


Anonymous. Untitled. Gardeners’ Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette (3 Sept 1870), pp.1194-5

(Article printed in issue of Sept 3)
In this editorial, “Our old and valued correspondent, Mr. PATRICK MATTHEWS, of Gourdie Hill, by Errol, thus epitomises his recollection of droughts during a period of more than 70 years.” There is then a second-hand account of Matthew’s recollections of droughts in 1800 and 1826, “Mr. MATTHEWS adds:– Should we augur of the remainder of 1870, it would be in favour of dryness, with a frosty December.”

Note that, once again, Matthew isn’t quite so valued as to have his name spelt correctly (see also his article of June 1867)!

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