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Matthew (6 June 1864)


Matthew to Darwin, 6 June 1864. Letter 4522: Darwin Correspondence Project

In this letter, Matthew is in London once again and hoping to meet with Darwin (a meeting which never comes to pass). He promises to send Darwin a copy of his latest political work Schleswig-Holstein (but this doesn’t happen either – at least the work is not recorded in Darwin’s library). He also refers Darwin to his many articles on the vegetable mould published recently in the Gardeners’ Chronicle.


June 6/64

Dear Sir,

I am now in London for a week or so and have a desire to meet with you before I return to Scotland. If it were convenient I would visit you at Down or meet you at any place in London.

The Affair of Schleswig-Holstein is occupying my attention at present on which I am to publish in a few days, & I will do myself the honor of forwarding to you a copy. It is highly probable that this little work will meet more contumely than any ever printed in Britain except Tom Paine’s “rights of man”. I hope you are now able for your vocation of forwarding natural science. If you receive the Gardeners Chronicle you will see I have not been quite idle. I left Germany Holstein about 9 days ago, where I was visiting my Son, a farmer there. I remained only 2 weeks & hastened to London to expose the shameful misstatements of the British Press

Yours very Sincerely
P. Matthew.
Address No. 16. Ampton St.
Gray’s Inn Road, London.

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