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Prospectus (1839)


Prospectus of the Scots New Zealand Land Company (1839, Edinburgh: Adam & Charles Black) is a pamphlet which, according to Tee (1984), “reports a meeting held at Perth on 24 August 1839 with Patrick Matthew as Chairman. That company developed into the New Zealand, Waitemata, and Manakou Company, which later claimed much of the land around Auckland — Matthew is not listed amongst the Directors of that latter company”. According to Hocken (1909), the idea behind the company was “shareholder-emigrants wanted, not capitalists like those of the New Zealand Company; £50 share to cover passage, food for a year, and sum to invest in New Zealand”. Hocken (1909) also provides the following quote from the pamphlet: “The grand obstruction to the prosperity of Colonies … is the grievous monopolies which grasping Home Companies …”. Further details on the Scots New Zealand Land Company are provided here.

I have not been able to locate an online version of this document. It was published in the Chartist True Scotsman newspaper, and also as a separate pamphlet, but these are not available online. I have, however, found an interesting review of the Prospectus from August 1839.

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