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  1. Pamela Duncan says:

    In the Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae of Fife page 192 Rev Andrew Duncan’s wife is Jean Liwell. I think that could be wrong. I think it could be Jean Lyell. I have many reasons if you could contact me.



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  3. Matthew says:

    Does anyone happen to know if there are any surviving company records for the Scots New Zealand Land Company?

    With many thanks,


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    • mikeweale says:

      Hi Matthew, thanks for your query. I’ve been trying to find out more about the Scots New Zealand Land Co for some time, but so far with little success. I’d love to see a copy of the “Prospectus”, but the only public copies I’m aware of are in Australia and New Zealand. I’ll make some enquiries and see if I can supply some more leads for you. Mike.


    • mikeweale says:

      Hi Matthew, I have a source (who wishes to remain anonymous) who has been doing a lot of excellent research into the life and family history of Patrick Matthew. This person has been actively looking for archives relating to the Scots New Zealand Land Company, but despite the active search nothing concrete has come up so far. This person has also been pursuing leads for the Prospectus. Specifically, there is one modern reference that states the Prospectus was published in the True Scotsman newspaper, so we are actively looking into that possibility. If we find a copy, I will of course publish it on PMP (assuming that is permissible).

      My source also has some interesting information relating to William Gorrie, who is listed as the “interim secretary” in the adverts of the Scot New Zealand Land Company (https://patrickmatthewproject.wordpress.com/newspaper-articles/scots-new-zealand-land-co/). My source notes: “William Gorrie, who was mentioned in the newspaper adverts relating to meetings associated with the scheme, did settle in New Zealand in 1840. Lloyds List , 3 June 1840 reports the Deborah as sailing for New Zealand under the command of Wing. This was Captain Thomas Wing and there is a lot of info about him on the internet and the Deborah as well as his, and the early settlement of New Zealand by the Scots and English . An advert on page 35 of the New Zealand Journal, vol 1 (free to view online) has an advert regarding the proposed sailing, organised by the “New Zealand Company” of the Deborah. This company is well documented in books on the colonisation of New Zealand and various web pages, including parliamentary reports. William Gorrie’s son was born on the Deborah…. see here (http://pigott-gorrie.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/sundry-gorrie-families-in-perthshire.html) (the article also mentions some of Gorrie’s activities in Perth). I have researched this William Gorrie in the past, so know that it is the same person mentioned in relation to the Scots New Zealand Land Company. It would suggest that the company came to nothing and Gorrie, and some others from the Perth area, just got on with it and used the organisation that Patrick Matthew had opposed of to achieve his objective.” [the organisation that Patrick Matthew opposed being the “New Zealand Company”, which Matthew accused of overpricing and inconsiderate capitalism]


      • Matthew says:

        Dear Mike,

        Thank you ever so much for this – I really appreciate it! I’m currently looking into British colonisation companies, 1820-1850, and I haven’t been able to find anything on the Scots New Zealand Company. I wish your source the best of luck!

        With best wishes, and hope to hear from you soon,



      • mikeweale says:

        Thanks Matthew. Likewise, if you do find more info relating to the Scots New Zealand Land Company, please do post it here as well. Mike.


  4. JFDerry says:

    Racial Crossings – Race, Intermarriage, and the Victorian British Empire by DAMON IEREMIA SALESA p252 Public Record Office (PRO) / Colonial Office 209, selective consultation, vols. 1–180. Citation p34 of same, [Patrick Matthew], Prospectus of the Scots New Zealand Land Company (Edinburgh, 1839), pp. 9, 20. Original emphasis. Though it was to be joint-stock as well; Patrick Matthew, Emigration Fields: North America, the Cape, Australia, and New Zealand (Edinburgh, 1839), pp. 235–7. There is a copy of this in CO 209/4, fos. 670–89. Matthew is not named as author, but was Chairman of the Company, and the writer quotes heavily from Emigration Fields; there is little doubt that Matthew was the author.”


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